Spring Beckons Me….

Well, on February 2, 2013 Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow – so what does that mean?  According to record he is promising to give us an early spring, six more weeks.  One only knows, we have had crazy weather this winter with below freezing temperatures, record warmth, and tornadoes sweeping across the South and Midwest…  Can this little furry groundhog really able to determine the fate of our winter?  For me, if anything it gets my juices rolling to dig out the catalogues I have thrown into a pile, organizing them, and begin that yearly search for the perfect seeds and plants for this year’s garden.  I also look at online website, and of course, try to catch up on all my reading.  I even think about new types of gardens, or themes of color.  I also start making lists of what needs to be done so that I am not overwhelmed those daunting tastking of prepping and cleaning before the fun of planting begins.  Don’t want to waste any time and although spring seems far away and we all know that there is bound to be more snow, now is the time to order and start your seeds.

Be sure to have some kind of plan or list on paper so that you are ahead of the game.  Order what you need and start seeds indoors and once spring actually does arrive you’ll be prepared.  Every year I get so excited that I order more than I need because the photos look so beautiful in the catalogues and I think they will look just like that in my garden.  We all have successes and failures and I have learned to be somewhat controling of my seed and plant buying.  I find I need to know where I want them to go so that I am not left with a lot of  material I don’t know what to do with.  I know once the season arrives I will be visiting all the nurseries and there are always plants I will want to buy later on.  Many sources offer tables to help you determine the amount of seeds you need for a given area.

If you are here in the North you will  want to check to see what is compatible with weather conditions here.  Selecting varieties of seeds for vegetable, fruit trees, and other plants that are compatible with our short growing season is importants.  Catalogues help you to determine how many days to harvest for specific varieties of vegetables important to help you with your selections.  It is also important to consider your specific garden or planting location – right plant for right place where it will perform at its best.

Shop around for plants and seeds both in catalogues or your local sources like garden centers and nurseries that might be less expensive.  Always order from reliable sources and think about buying Organic Seeds.

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