Antiques for the Garden

Why not add a visit to an antique show to your list of things to do this year.  Between May and September outdoor antique shows abound and can be an exciting day for both amateurs and officiandos.   The Brimfield Antique Show in Brimfield, MA is a great place to find just what you may be looking for with fields filled with brawling booths of antique items big and small from all over the United States, and yes, the world.  If you find just what you want, don’t hesitate, make an offer, and take it.  It will probably be gone when you come back, that is if you can find your way back….  I have gotten lost many times and have forgotten where I actually saw something.  There are no exact rules to this game.  Because many of the dealers come from great distances they may be willing to barter, but you need to take it with you that day.  Know your merchandise and be focused, know and have an idea of what you are looking for and where it is going to go…

The Brimfield Fair is in Brimlfield, MA and shows are May 14th.-19th., July 9th.-14th., September 3rd.-8th., 2013

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