An Entrance Redefined

When we were hired to renovate the landscape of this home, one of our challenges was the 7-foot drop in elevation between the front door and the driveway.  The wall was decaying and the steps were made of a boring concrete.  The owners wanted a new inviting entrance.   The immediate wooden steps were already in place and we were to create a connection to the driveway.  Our goal was to create wide steps in an elegant curve and long landings to view the plantings, as well as, lessen the apparent steepness of the passage from driveway to front door. We used a combination of irregular bluestone set in concrete to avoid being slippery when wet completed the walls and risers with a natural thin wall stone to add formality and interest and keep the design unified.  The beds within the tiered garden wall and along the outside of the steps include mixed materials – evergreen boxwoods, continual blooming roses, long seasonal perennials, soft grasses, hostas, and a low groundcovers to spill over the edges - All to give 4 season interest.